South African, Brett Tollman, is the president and CEO of the family owned business, The Travel Corporation (TTC). The company owns more than 25 international award-winning brands in the area of travel and tourism.  

The Travel Corporation Brands

The companies that comprise TTC offer a global network of destinations and different travel experiences. Among them:  

The Red Carnation hotels - a collection of elegant, luxury hotels and spas in spectacular locations in Europe, South Africa and the US.
Contiki Holidays - a world leader in holidays for those in the 18-35 age groups, offering tours and resorts in over 46 countries. 
Uniworld - leaders in river cruises, Uniworld offer boutique ships to cruise rivers in Europe, Russia, China and Egypt.  
African Travel - safari experts in Southern Africa and Eastern Africa, Egypt and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

The Travel Corporation, under Brett Tollman’s leadership is committed to promote responsible, sustainable tourism in all of its destinations. For this purpose, TTC has funded a nonprofit organization: The Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation.  

The foundation supports projects that benefit the local community, protect the environment and preserve the area’s heritage. TTC brands in many destinations have partnered with local organizations to achieve these goals. As part of this effort, the foundation took part in the construction of sustainable research camps in Africa’s wilderness, protecting Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest and restoration of the Monument to Canova in Venice. Brett Tollman recently announced a new initiative, a partnership with Celine Cousteau, one of the world leaders in conservation. Celine will join the Contiki Holiday brand and educate the team and travelers regarding environmental conservation, with a focus on ocean and marine ecosystems. Contiki Holidays is also involved in the conservation efforts of the Mesoamerican Reef on the Atlantic coast of Central America.  

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